Adobe adds AI magic to Photoshop and Premiere Elements

Adobe, the developer of the iconic photo editing and graphic design app, Photoshop, has updated its budget editing apps. Photoshop Elements added several powerful, new features and improved performance. Adobe’s Premiere Elements is a low-cost video editor that incorporates many of the features of its more expensive sibling, Premiere, getting a similar speed boost along with AI features.

New for this year, Adobe Photoshop Elements includes more AI enhancements than ever before. For example, you can quickly add animation to still images, making a photo of a waterfall come to life. You only need to pick the Moving Elements tool, select the area to be animated and indicate the direction of movement. The computer calculates the changes within the water, turning the picture into a short video.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements can add animation to pictures.

Peek-through Overlay is another fun way to enhance your photos. Photoshop Elements includes a nice selection of leaves, flowers, lights, and more that can be placed in the foreground, making pictures more interesting. Each overlay can be blurred and its color can be tweaked to fit into the scene more naturally.

Adobe Elements can apply artisitic effects.

Premiere Elements 2023 automatically recognizes faces and tags videos so you can easily find friends and family for compilation videos. Auto-reframe helps you change from landscape to portrait without losing the important parts of the scene. Various artistic effects can be applied to a video clip and Auto-Creations take all of the work out of video editing, presenting a fully edited video based on the footage you add.

Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements costs $100 each or $80 if you’re upgrading from an earlier version. For the best deal, you can order the two apps as a bundle for $150 or $120 to upgrade. As always, Adobe offers discounts for education. Students and teachers can get both for $80. You can learn more and place your order at Adobe’s website.

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