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Best standing desk deals: Get an electric standing desk from $179

A lot of people are on the hunt for standing desks because they can boost your comfort and productivity, and even improve your overall health. You may be spending too much time sitting at an office desk or a gaming desk, so a standing desk, also known as a “sit-stand” desk, will make a huge difference in your posture. Sitting for hours each day is incredibly unhealthy, so it’s highly recommended that you purchase a standing desk. Whether you’re asking your boss to buy you one or you’re thinking of getting one for the home office, here are some of the best standing desk deals that you can shop right now.

  • Best standing desk deals
  • How to choose a standing desk

Best standing desk deals

  • SHW Electric Standing Desk — $179, was $270
  • Flash Furniture Merritt Rectangle Contemporary Laminate Sit and Stand Desk — $189, was $342
  • Mount-It! Wide Standing Desk Converter With Gas Spring — $209, was $220
  • Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk — $300, was $345
  • Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter — $669, was $1,050

SHW Electric Standing Desk — $179, was $270

This electric standing desk from SHW looks like a simple table from a distance, but if you move closer, you’ll notice buttons at the lower right side of the tabletop. These make adjustments to the standing desk’s height by pressing the up and down buttons, and it also offers up to four memory presets for table heights such as for sitting and standing. The desktop is 40 inches by 24 inches wide, which is enough space for your computer and documents, while the adjustable leg glides will let you stabilize and level your desk on any surface. There’s a cable management basket under the table to help you organize, in addition to two hooks where you can place objects such as headphones. The standing desk’s frame is made of solid steel for durability, and for smooth height adjustments.

Flash Furniture Merritt Rectangle Contemporary Laminate Sit and Stand Desk — $189, was $342

The Flash Furniture Merritt Rectangle Contemporary Laminate Sit and Stand Desk on a white background.

You’ll be able to live a healthier lifestyle with the help of this standing desk from Flash Furniture, which gives you the option to sit or stand while you work. You can easily adjust the height of the desk to as high as 40.75 inches through the pneumatic levers that are located on either side of the tabletop, which is half of an inch thick. The expansive surface of the desk is suitable for laptops and monitors, and even heavier desktop computers because it comes with front adjustable glides. There are locking casters to the back legs so that you can easily move the desk to other areas in the office, in case you need to change your position.

Mount-It! Wide Standing Desk Converter With Gas Spring — $209, was $220

The Mount-It! Wide Standing Desk Converter With Gas Spring with a laptop and computer, on a white background.

If you understand the importance of having the option to stand while you work, but you don’t want to replace your desk entirely, you can get a standing desk converter like this one from Mount-It! You can place it on top of your existing desk to modernize your workspace, as the gas spring mechanism will let you smoothly adjust its height from 6.25 inches to 17 inches, which is enough for sitting and standing positions. There’s a lot of room on the standing desk converter with a tabletop that measures 36.5 inches by 22 inches, which is enough for dual monitors, and it also comes with a keyboard tray that you can simply attach. With this standing desk converter, you can upgrade your favorite desk at home or the office.

Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk — $300, was $345

A laptop on the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk.

Featuring an adjustable height between 28.7 inches and 48.4 inches, you’ll be able to use this standing desk from Insignia whether you’re sitting on your chair or standing. You can easily increase or decrease the height of the desk using an electric switch, while its anti-collision technology will make sure that it doesn’t deal damage to anything near it when you’re changing its height by automatically reversing the desk upon hitting an object. You’ve got plenty of workspace for any kind of project on it tabletop that measures 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches, and the desk’s steel frame is durable enough to carry as much as 110 pounds. You’ll also receive cable ties with the standing desk, which will help you reduce clutter by managing cords and cables.

Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter — $669, was $1,050

The Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter with monitors and a keyboard, on a white background.

This standing desk converter from Ergotron offers a more comprehensive productivity boost compared to its peers because not only is it easy to install, but it provides a lot of additional space to any traditional desk. You’ll just have to attach it to the front of any stable surface, and once it’s set up, you can secure your displays on its two monitor pivots with individual 360-degree adjustments. There’s a surface that’s intended for your keyboard and mouse, and another surface where you can place other objects such as documents and office accessories. You can then utilize the height-adjustable column to switch between sitting and standing positions while you work at your desk, with an increase of up to 22.8 inches that may be done with a simple push of your hand.

How to choose a standing desk

Man working at standing desk

Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the options are desktop units that you place on top of an existing desk. Other models are an entire desk that has adjustable heights. Almost all models have adjustable parts, so you can raise or lower the height based on your needs and alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day. No matter what your needs are, you should be able to find a standing desk that meets them. No matter how much space you have, you will be able to find a model that fits in that space. Just be sure to measure the area you want to put the standing desk in and look at the dimensions of the model you want before you buy.

Some models have extra shelves for your keyboard and mouse, while other models have just one platform. Some models have an extra-large work surface, so you have room for two monitors or lots of papers and files. Other models have a rather small platform designed to hold a monitor while the workspace is a separate area. Since there are so many different variations when it comes to design, be sure to check out several options before you buy to ensure you get all of the features and space that you need.

As mentioned, sitting too much can have serious adverse health effects. People who sit a lot have an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Sitting all day also burns very few calories and can lead to weight gain. Standing after meals rather than sitting can reduce blood sugar levels and therefore reduce the risk of diabetes. People with back pain often complain about having to sit all day. Studies have shown that standing throughout the day decreases back pain. Overall, standing desks seem to influence a person’s well-being and mood positively, and most users of standing desks report less fatigue and an increase in energy.

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