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CES 2023: Witchfire trailer confirms Nvidia DLSS 3 support

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Developer The Astronauts released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming game Witchfire, showing off its action. The clip confirms that the shooter will support Nvidia DLSS 3.

Witchfire is a fantasy first-person shooter set to launch sometime this year, following its delay in 2022. It’s a fast-paced action game with open-ended levels, though the developer emphasizes it’s not an open-world game. The new 45-second gameplay clip shows off some of its combat, as its hero rips through demons Doom-style with guns, fists, and crossbows.

The trailer confirms that the title will utilize Nvidia DLSS 3. The unique technology uses AI to generate additional frames while playing a game. That in turn boosts performance without forcing players to compromise on resolution. Developer The Astronauts notes that the tech is an especially strong fit for the fast-paced nature of Witchfire.

“You start the game, push all graphics options to the max,” writes Witchfire creative director Adrian Chmielarz in a press release. “You enjoy it for a while but then, especially if it’s an action game, you realize that the framerate is king. So you start lowering the quality of visuals in order to achieve that smooth gameplay. DLSS 3 allows the seemingly impossible, high frame rate without compromising the visuals. A no-brainer for a game like Witchfire, which is both action and beauty.”

Witchfire is the latest title to utilize the tech, joining a list of games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and A Plague Tale: Requiem. Some of 2023’s other upcoming releases will utilize the tech, including Hogwarts Legacy and Atomic Heart.

Nvidia had several other reveals during its presentation, so make sure to read our roundup of everything Nvidia announced at CES 2023.

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