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Death Stranding Norman Reedus

Last year, Death Stranding released on the PlayStation 4 and the game was a critically acclaimed exclusive for the system. Developed by Hideo Kojima, who is most notably known for creating the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Death Stranding is the latest title envisioned by the creator and has made the jump to PC. In the latest trend of PlayStation exclusives seemingly making the transition to PC, Death Stranding released on July 14 and has already been hit with a significant sale. At CDKeys, the title has dropped to $49 –a $22 reduction from the retail price of $71.


Death Stranding is described by Kojima as a “strand game,” an original genre that is used to describe the social elements of the game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players control Sam Bridges, who works to connect society through a variety of delivery missions, in the hope of bringing people together. Interspersed with this narrative are combat encounters, stealth elements, and world building to make the deliveries as smooth as possible. It’s truly a unique title and the PC version of Death Stranding manages to elevate the game even further with more technical prowess packed in.

It’s impossible to deny that Death Stranding is a beautiful game — it’s stunning. The graphical achievement that was showcased on the PS4 is pushed further with the power behind a PC. Players will have many new options that were unavailable in the PS4 version to create a truly eye-watering experience. Ultra widescreen support is available, as well as an uncapped frame rate to create the smoothest gaming setup possible.

Death Stranding‘s PC version also contains numerous PC exclusive content, such as Half-Life-inspired hats for players to use in customizing their characters. Bundled in with the PC version is also a host of bonus content. Users can expect to receive sections for the digital art book, as well as a digital copy of the original score. A great deal of equipment will also be available including new exoskeletons to help improve the speed and efficiency of deliveries, as well as armor to defend yourself against the game’s many foes.


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