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Don’t miss your chance to save $500 on this Dell XPS Desktop PC

The Dell XPS Desktop computer sits on a desk next to a monitor and keyboard.

If you’re looking for great desktop computer deals, Dell is always a reliable retailer to check out. Right now, you can buy the Dell XPS Desktop with an Intel Core i7 processor for $1,400 saving you a huge $500 off the regular price of $1,900. Its usual discounted price is $1,550 but if you enter the code SAVE150 at the checkout, you’ll save an extra $150 bringing it down to $1,400. This is a great price for a powerful desktop and we’re here to explain a little more about it. Be quick though as the sale ends very soon.

Why you should buy the Dell XPS Desktop PC

The Dell XPS range is a pivotal part of our look at the best desktop computers with this Dell XPS Desktop sure to excite. It offers a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor along with 32GB of memory. It’s relatively rare to see a system offer 32GB of memory with 16GB usually the more standard amount so if you need to multitask frequently, this is an ideal setup for you. There’s also 512GB of SSD storage for your boot drive and the files you need to use most often, along with 1TB of regular HDD space for storing your other files too. You can even game with this Dell XPS Desktop thanks to its inclusion of an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card so any time you want some downtime from your work, it’s ready to go.

Effectively, the Dell XPS Desktop is best suited for content creators who have a busy lifestyle and need a desktop PC that keeps up with them. To get the most from it, simply pair it up with one of the best monitors and you’re good to go. Its bigger chassis than previous models means it has a great cooling system with improved airflow ensuring you always get peak performance. The chassis looks great too so it’ll fit into your home office well.

Normally priced at $1,900, the Dell XPS Desktop is down to $1,550 for a limited time only at Dell. Save an extra $150 so it comes down to just $1,400 when you enter the code SAVE150 at checkout. You’ll need to be fast though as the Dell sale is ending very soon.

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