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HBO Max is back on Amazon Prime Video Channels

After more than a year since disappearing from Amazon Prime Video Channels, HBO Max once again is available for subscription through your Amazon account. The price remains $15 a month, and you’ll still have access to all the things you’ll find on HBO Max if you subscribe to it directly. And you’ll again be able to watch it through the Amazon Prime Video app on whatever device you want.

New this time, however, is that the full HBO Max library is on board, not just the linear (or “live”) shows from the various HBO channels. Anything and everything on demand is here, all inside the Amazon Prime Video app.

The removal in August 2021 was more inside baseball than anything, and good for headlines as AT&T’s desire to get rid of WarnerMedia was one of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood. Regardless, you still were able to get HBO Max any number of ways, either directly or through other services like YouTube TV.

HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video Channels.

It’s only a matter of months before all this will change again, with the HBO Max branding expected to go away and be replaced with something new after the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. The leading candidate for that appears to just be “Max,” but nothing official has been announced as yet.

In any event, today it’s all about HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video Channels.

“Warner Bros. Discovery is committed to making HBO Max available to as broad an audience as possible while also advancing our data-driven approach to understanding our customers and best serving their viewing interests. Today, we are thrilled to take an important step forward by announcing that HBO Max is returning to Prime Video Channels,” Bruce Campbell, Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer of Warner Bros. Discovery, said in an emailed press release.

The nomenclature gets a little confusing, but Amazon Prime Video Channels is the mechanism by which you can subscribe to other services within Amazon Prime Video. That means you’ll first need an Amazon Prime subscription, and then you’ll pay extra for all the Prime Video Channels subscriptions you want. Many are just a few dollars a month; HBO Max is definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum, as you’d expect.

“We strive to offer customers the best and widest selection of premium content available for their everyday viewing experience,” said Cem Sibay, Vice President, Prime Video. “It’s truly been a milestone year for Prime Video, and we are humbled by the viewer engagement and critics’ response to our marquee releases. Now with the addition of HBO Max again, customers can easily add this subscription and enjoy even more award-winning and fan favorite entertainment on Prime Video.”

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