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How to climb the Battlements in Hogwarts Legacy

The adventure your witch or wizard will undertake in Hogwarts Legacy is fraught with many trials and tribulations. You will face many deadly enemies of all kinds to dispatch with your arsenal of spells, however the thing that is more likely to stop you dead in your tracks are the puzzles. While not explicitly a puzzle, there is a specific part of the High Wall quest that can leave you downright stumped on how to proceed. If you’re flustered trying to figure out how to climb the Battlements in Hogwarts Legacy, this guide will make this roadblock disappear.

How to climb the Battlements

A wizard looking at a castle wall.

After meeting Natty at Falbarton Castle, you will be asked to climb the Battlements. Not long into your ascent, you will hit a sheer wall that seems impassible. There’s no clear part to climb, and your broomstick is off limits here. Instead, you will need to make your own path.

Looking to the left of the wall, you will find a gate with a large box behind it. Hit the gear on the wall next to it with Depulso to spin it and raise the gate. Next, cast Accio to pull the box and move it to the wall. Once in place, cast Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the box halfway up the wall and then jump up to climb it. Alternatively, you can cast the levitation spell while standing on the box, but this can get a little wonky with the physics.

Once over this wall, there will be no more major issues between you and the end of the “High Keep” mission.

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