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How to unlock augments in Fortnite

Every new chapter of Fortnite is a massive event. While seasonal changes bring plenty of minor tweaks and additions, it’s almost always when a new chapter rolls around that major overhauls or new mechanics are introduced. Fortnite Chapter 4 was no exception, and aside from the extreme changes the island underwent, it brought one very important change to gameplay that wmakes a huge difference when going for that illusive victory royal (it isn’t easy to win Fortnite, after all).

  • What are augments?
  • How to get and use augments
  • Full list of augments

Augments, well, augment the game. There are a few challenges that somewhat introduce what these are, but they leave out almost all the important details for you to find out on your own. Augments need to be considered, and deeply understood, not only for when you get them yourself but to know what new tricks your opponents could have up their sleeves. Before you get taken by surprise, here’s a complete breakdown of how to unlock augments and how they work in Fortnite.

What are augments?

Augments, or Reality Augments, are essentially a new perk system introduced into Fortnite. There are currently 22 augments in the game, but with more to come in future updates. You can get access to multiple augments during a single match, but augments do not carry over after a match is finished, whether you win or lose. These perks can range from modifying certain weapon types to granting buffs for performing actions, and much more. There are no bad augments, so you will want to get as many as possible.

Augments also have their own tab in your menu where you can see which ones you’ve had so far to track your progress using them all.

How to get and use augments

Picking between two augments.

Unlike guns, items, and most things in Fortnite, you won’t be finding or looting augments on the map itself. Instead, augments are dished out to all surviving players over the duration of a match. At around two and a half minutes into a game, you will be given the choice between two augments to place into one of four slots. After picking your first, so long as you survive and the game doesn’t end, you will get another pair to pick between every two and a half minutes or so. If you’re trying to complete the augment tab, pay attention to the augments with the word “new” beside it to indicate it being one you’ve never taken before and unlock it.

If neither of the two augments presented looks good, you can also hold the interact button at the bottom to reroll your options. You can reroll once for free, but if you have to do it again it will cost you 100 gold bars.

However, even if an augment is passive, you still need to activate it. To do this, press right on the D-pad (or your platform’s equivalent) to open the augment menu, highlight which one you want to use, and activate it with the right trigger.

Full list of augments

Here are all 22 augments in Fortnite so far and what they do:

  • Aerialist – Grants you Glider redeploy for the rest of the match.
  • Bloodhound – Enemies hit by your marksman rifle or bow shots are marked for a brief duration.
  • Bow Specialist – Bows draw and reload faster, and you regenerate arrows over time.
  • Bush Warrior – You regenerate health and partial shields while inside large foliage.
  • Chug Gunner – Receive a Chug Cannon.
  • Demolition Munitions – Objects you destroy have a chance to drop explosives. Excludes player-built structures.
  • First Assault – The first bullet in the magazine of your Assault Rifle deals bonus damage.
  • Forecast – You can always see the next storm circle.
  • Jelly Angler – Receive a fishing rod. You can use it to fish anywhere, but you can only fish up Jellyfish.
  • Light Fingers – Makes your weapons using Light Ammo reload faster.
  • Mechanical Archer – Gives you a Mechanical Explosive Bow and Mechanical Shockwave Bow.
  • More Parkour – Your energy regenerates briefly after mantling or hurdling.
  • Party Time – Gain Balloons over time.
  • Pistol Amp – Pistols have greatly increased magazine size.
  • Rifle Recycle – Weapons using medium ammo have a chance not to consume ammo.
  • Rushing Reload – Sprinting will slowly reload your equipped shotgun.
  • Soaring Sprints – While sprinting, you’ll be able to jump much higher — and jump with lower gravity.
  • Splash Medic – You have a chance to find Chug Splash in every container you open.
  • Storm Mark – When the storm changes, ping the area to highly nearby enemies for a short duration.
  • Supercharged – Your vehicles won’t consume fuel and they’ll have increased health.
  • Tactical Armory – Grants a Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun.
  • Tricked Out – Entering a car or Truck applies Chonkers and Cow Catcher to it.

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