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Jabra’s over-the-ear hearing aids double as wireless earbuds

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The Jabra Enhance Plus being used by an elderly man.

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  • A ‘small’ reminder
  • For the new ‘iPhone Generation’

Near the end of last year, a rare legislative change happened that actually made it easier for Americans to receive the care they need. It focused on getting the growing population of American retirees the ability to access hearing aids by allowing companies to sell them over the counter. Now, Jabra, an esteemed earbud maker, has joined the conversation by producing a special pair of hearing aid/earbud hybrids that we’re sure you’ll love. They’re called the Jabra Enhance Plus and here’s the background on what they do, who they’re for, and what makes them worth a second glance.

A ‘small’ reminder

As time goes on and we approach our older years, a bit of hearing loss is to be somewhat expected. Those that are lucky make it through without so much as a ‘Huh?’ but the rest find themselves sidelined in conversations and increasingly lost.

If that reminder of age weren’t bad enough, some hearing aids used to solve the issue are large and uncomfortable. They seem aesthetically designed to yell at nearby people that you are hearing impaired.

Jabra doesn’t want to do that to you. The Jabra Enhance Plus are designed with the same aesthetic qualities that go into all of their earbuds, but are also 40% smaller than even their smallest of earbuds. We tend to think of the others around us as judging us way more than they actually are, but even quelling the self-judgement makes it worth a go as wearers of the Jabra Enhance Plus can make the leap from feeling like ‘Hearing Aid Harry’ to trendy ‘Podcast Phil’. When worn, people are more likely to think you’re wearing powered-off earbuds than hearing aids.

Within this small frame, the Jabra Enhance Plus provide up to 12 hours of usage on a single charge and can carry up to 35 hours total if you include the power storage limit of their case. Each bud houses four specialized mics made with focus-enhancing technology to help you engage with your music and those around you. Finally, enjoy usage modes (adaptive, focus, and surround) that feel similar to what Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphone users have been utilizing for years, specially adapted to hearing aids.

For the new ‘iPhone Generation’

You’re a part of the iPhone Generation.

The phrase evokes imagery of awkwardly dancing, dark-haired youths. That’s an outdated mindset.

The Jabra Enhance Plus are specifically paired with iOS products because they know how much the brand has influenced your life. Apple products help run your business, power the laptops and tablets you get entertainment from, and see you through the day. As a result, it is no surprise the Jabra Enhance Plus are designed specifically for iPhone users. There’s a level of respect for the hearing aid customer, who is increasingly likely to be as familiar and adept with technology as someone decades younger.

At the same time, Jabra doesn’t want you to be forced to go it alone. There’s no doubt about it: Earbuds and hearing aids are fundamentally different and require different needs. When you pair the Jabra Enhance Plus via the free Jabra Enhance app, you’ll be guided through setup and customization for your new hearing aids. But, if you want a second mind to work on the task with you — and bounce important ideas off of — Jabra customer service provides expert assistance for hearing aid setup and troubleshooting.

When you do get your Jabra Enhance Plus, don’t expect to be stuck indoors with them all of the time. Jabra knows you’re still active, which is why they come with an IP52 protection rating, enough to get them through some dust and a periodic splash of water without being damaged. Go outside, live a little, it’s allowed and encouraged when you use the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aid/earbuds combo.

If you’re ready to make the leap to hearing aids, head on over to Best Buy via the link below and get started on your checkout now. You can even use your FSA, HRA, or HSA healthcare accounts to help pay for the purchase.

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