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Samsung SmartThings will get Matter help on iOS

Matter continues to make headlines as we slowly roll through 2023. In the latest news, Samsung is bringing the Matter interoperability standard to the SmartThings iOS app. As long as your iPhone and SmartThings app are up to date, you’ll be able to enjoy full Matter support for the popular smart home controller.

Companies have been eager to roll out Matter to their devices and software, with Amazon and Google launching big updates at the tail end of 2022 that brought support to hot products such as the Echo Dot and Nest Hub Max. Now, it seems Samsung is joining the club.

A person using a Samsung SmartThings device.

This update doesn’t bring Matter support to specific gadgets, but instead allows iOS owners to control a SmartThings hub with full support for Matter-enabled devices. Previously, only Android owners had that privilege. The Android update rolled out in October 2022, and although this Apple update is late, it’s great to finally see it in the wild.

To properly use SmartThings on iOS with Matter, you’ll need to be running iOS 16.2 or higher and SmartThings 1.6.94 or higher. In other words, make sure you’ve installed the latest updates to ensure you don’t stumble into any issues.

Samsung offers a full rundown of how to connect Matter devices to SmartThings on its official website, but the process is remarkably simple. After opening the SmartThings app, you’ll simply need to select the Add Device button, then scan the device’s QR code. Once that’s done, a prompt will ask you to select the hub and room for the device before finalizing its setup.

The SmartThings iOS app is the latest software to add Matter support, but we’re expecting plenty more Matter updates to be announced in the coming week. Curious to learn more about the interoperability standard? Be sure to check out our coverage from 2022 — which explains why the technology is so exciting.

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