Samsung’s rotating ‘The Sero’ QLED 4K TV is over $700 off today

Samsung's The Sero rotating 4K TV.

If the TV deals that you’ve come across all look the same to you, here’s one that will surely stand out — Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV, featuring a rotating 43-inch display. From its original price of $1,498, it’s down to just $750 after a 50% discount from Amazon’s Woot. There’s still a lot of days before the offer expires, but it’s not recommended to wait until the last minute before you make the purchase because we’re not sure if stock will still be available by then. Buy it now so that the $748 in savings will be guaranteed.

Why you should buy Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV

Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV looks like any other TV on paper, with a 43-inch screen featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution, 4K AI Upscaling that analyzes HD content and improves their quality, and support for the HDR10 format for a wider color gamut and more vivid images. However, everything changes when the display rotates to a vertical orientation for watching mobile content. With the Wi-Fi connectivity of Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV, you can access your favorite video apps and show them on the screen in the proper aspect ratio.

You can cast content from your smartphone to Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV, and it works with the SmartThings platform to let you control your other smart home devices. The TV is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung’s Bixby for voice commands. When Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV is not in use, you can activate one of five Portrait Modes so that it can blend seamlessly into your space, or Ambient Mode+ that copies the wall behind it and combines that with elements such as artwork, weather, or headlines.

Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV will definitely be a stylish addition to your living room or bedroom, if you decide that you want it. Making it more attractive is a 50% discount from Amazon’s Woot that pulls its price down to just $750 from $1,498 ,for savings of $748. The retailer says there’s still a lot of time left before the deal gets taken down, but there’s a chance that stocks get depleted sooner than you expect. To prevent the risk that you miss out on this bargain, complete your purchase for Samsung’s The Sero QLED 4K TV right now.

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