Sling TV is popping 2, and celebrating with a free preview weekend

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Today officially marks two years since Dish’s live TV streaming service Sling TV launched, and the company wanted to celebrate. As he has done before, CEO Roger Lynch took to Periscope, but instead of simply asking questions, he also gave those who tuned in a tour of the Sling TV offices.

While the tour was interesting if you’ve ever wondered what the day-to-day is like for the people at Sling TV, the company also announced something that will matter much more to many people. This weekend, the company will be offering a free preview of its Sling Orange package, just in time for the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. No credit card is required in order to watch, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally spending money.

If you’ve been a loyal Sling TV customer for some time and you’re feeling left out, don’t worry: the company announced something for you too. Free previews of both HBO and Starz are coming later this month. Exactly when these will be available is still unknown, but Lynch says the company will have more on that soon.

Today wasn’t all about celebrating — the company also announced that its Cloud DVR feature, currently in beta, will be coming to more platforms soon. Currently only available for Roku users, the feature will soon be available on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Android platforms. Once Cloud DVR support has launched on those platforms, the next hardware to receive the feature will be Apple TV.

The free preview of Sling Orange kicks off on Saturday, February 11 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 12. Orange is the service’s single-stream offering, and includes channels like ESPN, AMC, CNN, TBS, Comedy Central, BBC America, and more. For information on how to sign up and get started, see the Sling TV website.

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