Sling TV simply obtained much more inexpensive with new reductions on some Further packages

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Sling TV was the first major live TV streaming service to launch, and even as competitors like PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now have come along, it has remained the most affordable. Now customers will get even more channels for their money with the service’s new “4 Extras Deal,” announced in a blog post on Friday.

While other streaming services aim to provide an experience very much like cable or satellite providers, from the beginning Sling has embraced a more modular approach, with small base packages augmented by Extras packages. The 4 Extras Deal offers four of the service’s most popular Extras packages for half of what they originally cost.

Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, and News Extra are the four services in the bundle, which costs just $10 per month. These are the only packages available in the deal, so if you were hoping to substitute another package for one of the four, you’re out of luck, at least for the time being.

While the base Sling Orange package only offers a little more than 30 channels for $20 per month, with the four packages included in the new deal, that number rises to 70 channels for $30 per month. If you opt for Sling Blue instead, that number grows to 80 networks for $35 per month, while the combination of Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and the four extras packages brings the total to 90 channels for $50 per month.

This new deal seems aimed at attracting DirecTV Now customers, as the blog post announcing the new promotion shows a comparison between that services channel packages and pricing alongside Sling TV’s. Whether this will result in a migration in users remains to be seen, but users who signed up for three months of DirecTV Now to get a free Apple TV might be looking to move elsewhere if the service’s many issues still remain in March.

If you already subscribe to these four channels, this discount will automatically be applied, and you’ll see a savings of $10 on your next bill. If you’re interested in adding the 4 Extras Deal to your subscription or trying out Sling TV, head to the company’s website for more information.

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