Soundfloat inflatable chair retains your telephone dry within the pool

soundfloat keeps phone dry in the water

A new Kickstarter product aims to get you ready for those lazy days of summer. Soundfloat is an inflatable chair you can use as a pool float, a beach chair, or even just as a regular lounge chair. But unlike typical inflatable chairs, it includes 20-watt speakers and 70mm subwoofers, so you can chill out with some tunes by the water. The chair also comes with a removable battery that doubles as a power bank, and a touch-sensitive waterproof pouch to protect your smart phone or tablet from the water.

This means that you can watch a show or movie, video chat, or play app-based games in the water without your phone getting wet. Also, because the speakers connect via Bluetooth and have a 100-foot range, you have the option to set your phone outside of the water, and listen to music or an audio book while you float around the pool.

The Soundfloat chair comes in three sizes — a smaller arm chair, a single-person lounge chair, and a double lounge chair. It also comes in two color options — white with pink trim and white with blue trim.

The project has an all or nothing funding goal of $49,999, meaning Soundfloat will only receive funding if it meets this goal by its deadline of June 11. So far, Soundfloat has raised $4,350 from 20 backers. To get a Soundfloat Chair, you have to pledge at least $255. This will get you the arm chair, an air pump, a carrying case, and other rewards (like sunglasses and a baseball cap). If you pledge less than $255, you can get other rewards, like the power bank or waterproof phone pouch, but you won’t get the chair itself.

If you want to back this product or any product on a crowdfunding site, keep in mind that backing a product is not the same as buying something from a store like Amazon. It’s a good idea to research the product, and remember that with crowdfunding, there are no guarantees.

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