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Bluetooth bandwidth set to double, opening a path for video and lossless audio

Bluetooth, the technology that powers the wireless data connections between billions of devices, is going to become even more capable, with big increases planned for the data bandwidth of Bluetooth LE. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) — the organization that’s responsible for the ongoing development of Bluetooth technology — organized a media briefing via…

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How to customize the Pixel Buds Pro touch controls

We’re living in the heyday of wireless audio. Everywhere you look, there are wireless cameras, wire-free speakers, connection-less chargers, and the focus of today’s deep dive, wireless earbuds. Contents Touch and hold only, no single taps allowed Disable all touch controls From Apple’s multigenerational AirPods family to Android’s exciting lineage of in-ear peripherals, Bluetooth earbuds…

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Guide to Thread in the smart home

You’ve maybe seen the “Thread” brand on the occasional smart home appliance, like the last Apple HomePod Mini. Understanding what exactly Thread entails and what it can do for your set-up can shape how the rest of your smart home grows. Contents How does Thread work? What is a Thread device? Does Thread replace Bluetooth?…

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