The $15 Aerb common distant with built-in keyboard and mouse provides you complete management over your gadgets

Aerb universal remote

In an age when most of us use multiple devices each day for work and leisure, it’s easy to get tangled in a mess of cables, adapters, controllers, and remotes for each particular platform. This has increased the demand for “one size fits all” technologies like docking stations, chargers, and remotes such as the
Aerb universal remote with built-in keyboard and mouse

Specifically designed for home theater PC setups, the unique all-in-one Aerb X-A8 gives you complete control over your computer, smart TV, gaming systems, and more. The programmable remote is compatible with Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows, and iOS as well as smart TV boxes. The plug-and-play design works with most platforms out of the box and is completely re-programmable to your specific devices.

Aerb universal remoteAt just over seven inches in length, the compact Aerb universal remote can easily fit in your pocket or bag for when you are on the go. The low-profile wireless receiver plugs into any standard USB port and cuts down on cable clutter. The device doubles as an air mouse as well, utilizing sensors to detect the remote’s motion and move the cursor accordingly. A handy QWERTY keyboard on the back of the unit allows for text input for Internet searches, in-game chat, emails, and whatever else you may need to type.

The 2.4GHz wireless technology allows for smooth and quick connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters. Along with air mouse functionality, the Aerb universal remote can be used as a game controller with its six-axis gyro sensor. The remote also features five programmable infrared buttons for use with compatible TVs.

Aerb universal remote with built-in keyboard and mouse
 currently has a solid 4.1-star user rating on Amazon with over 860 reviews. The handy device is now on sale for 59 percent off, coming in at just $15. A
black and green-colored version
is also available for $16.

$15 on Amazon