There’s a big sale on Ring cameras and security devices today

Ring Video Floodlight Camera and Alarm

Ring cameras have become ubiquitous when it comes to home camera systems and smart doorbells, so we’re not surprised to see some great Memorial Day sales on a variety of different Ring systems. In fact, there are about 23 different Ring sales you can take advantage of, from the basic doorbell Ring cameras to ones that you mount on the wall and come with floodlights. In fact, you can grab something as cheap as $45 from Amazon, so you should absolutely click on the button below to see all the deals available.

What to shop for in the Amazon Ring Memorial Day sale

Probably one of the most well-known Ring systems is the , which has a $30 discount that brings it down to $95 from $125, and is great if you want a basic smart doorbell for your house. It not only comes with a door chime, but it also has 1080p video, better motion detection, and privacy zones, and is relatively easy to set up if you have a couple of basic tools. Of course, you can likely grab those on Amazon as well if you don’t!

On the other hand, if you want something that covers the outside of your house completely, you might want something like the  4-pack. Each Ring Floodlight comes with a 1080p security camera, a very loud 105dB alarm, and two-way speak if you need to converse with somebody who is outside of your house. It also has custom motion zones that you can adjust, so if it’s facing an often-used street, you can stop it from constantly giving you notifications for random passersby. The whole kit usually costs $670, but Amazon has discounted it heavily to $520, which is a significant $150 discount.

Of course, if you don’t want to deal with having to wire the outside of your house with power, then the is an excellent option. It’s very similar to the Ring Floodlight, with a 1080p camera, custom motion zones, and motion-activated LED lights, but the big difference is that it comes with a solar panel and a battery, so you don’t need to worry about any sort of wiring, especially since it connects to your home internet wirelessly. Even better, it’s been discounted down to $160 from $200, so you can get three or four of these instead of the wired Ring Floodlight pack and pay roughly the same.

Finally, another option is the which is geared towards protecting the internals of the house. It comes with four contact sensors that can fit on doors or windows, a motion sensor, and a range extender to cover a larger area. It also includes the Ring Doorbell 3, so it’s great if you don’t have one yet, as well as an Echo Show 8 2nd gen, which is a nice little smart display that can integrate with your Amazon ecosystem. The whole bundle is priced at $400 rather than the usual $630, which is a significant $230 discount. To put that into perspective, the Echo Show 8 2nd gen usually goes for $100, and the Ring Doorbell 3 goes for $185, so you’re already getting an excellent deal when you include the range extender and motion/contact sensors.

All in all, this Amazon Ring Memorial sale has a little bit for everyone, so be sure to click through to look at all the deals available. We’ve only really covered three out of the 23, so it’s certainly worth taking a look if you want the best ring system. While you’re at it, be sure to check out these Amazon Echo deals as well that you can pair up with your ecosystem.

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