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This bundle saves you $50 on a Fire HD 10 and Keyboard Case

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is an affordable mobile device that’s perfect for basic functions, but you can get its 64GB model for even cheaper as part of a bundle from Amazon that includes the tablet’s Keyboard Case for just $190. You’ll enjoy $50 in savings from the total price of $240, but to do so, you’ll need to push through with the purchase today as we’re not sure if the offer will still be available tomorrow.

Why you should buy the Amazon Fire HD 10 and Keyboard Case bundle

Amazon’s Fire tablets focus on affordability and utility, instead of on sheer performance. This means you shouldn’t expect the Amazon Fire HD 10 to match the power of the high-end devices in our list of the best tablets, but you’ll appreciate it as an everyday companion for yourself and for your family. It’s got an octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM, which is more than enough for simple tasks such as browsing the internet, watching streaming content, and using social media apps. The tablet also features a 10.1-inch touchscreen with Full HD resolution that’s 10% brighter than its previous generation, and a battery that can last up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The Keyboard Case that comes with the bundle will let you use the Amazon Fire HD 10 as a laptop, which is more efficient for activities such as typing documents and replying to emails. It connects to the tablet through Bluetooth, and attaches to it magnetically. When not in use, it doubles as durable protection for the device, but it doesn’t block the ports, sensors, speakers, microphone, and cameras of the Amazon Fire HD 10. You’ll have ample space for apps and files on the tablet’s 64GB internal storage, but you can expand it by up to 1TB through its microSD card slot.

If you’re on the hunt for tablet deals, here’s an offer that you should consider — a bundle that includes the Amazon Fire HD 10 and its Keyboard Case for just $190, for savings of $50 from the total price of $240. The discount may end at any moment though, so if you think the Amazon Fire HD 10 is the perfect tablet for you, add this bundle to your cart and check out as fast as you can.

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