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This Disney Plus deal ends on Monday — lock it in while you can

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The streaming world has become increasingly contentious of late, with prices climbing, new services being introduced, existing services being split or joined with others, and really just a lot of different shake-ups. What felt like the golden age of streaming is now up in the air, primarily because there are so many different things happening, and having so many piecemeal options — and so many services to pay for — is not quite as desirable. Finding an excellent deal on your favorite service, allowing you to access all of your favorite content, can make things a whole lot better though. Take this Disney Plus deal, for example, which allows you to secure three months of premium access for just $7.

The deal is excellent, it’s convenient, but most importantly, it’s limited. It will only be valid until 1‌1‌:‌5‌9 P‌M P‌ST on March 6th — which is Monday. So, if you’re interested, even just a little, make sure to take advantage now while you still can. We’ll take a closer look at what the deal offers, and what you can expect from Disney Plus, below.

Why you should subscribe to Disney Plus

As you likely know, Disney Plus is the entertainment giant’s premium subscription service which allows you to watch a ton of Disney-themed content — and content from its many properties like Star Wars, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, and beyond — on just about any compatible device. Yes, you can watch on your TV, smart TV, or smart streaming device, like Roku, but you can also watch on the go from your tablet, phone, and other mobile devices. It’s the perfect way to catch up on some of the exclusive shows when you have a busy lifestyle, but also it’s an excellent way to entertain your kids when you’re out and about too.

The $7 offer is for new subscribers and includes access to Disney Plus Basic, which is just Disney’s streaming platform. Here’s why that matters: Disney also offers a bundle that includes access to Hulu and ESPN+ for a few more dollars. Bundling Disney Plus and Hulu, for example, is just $10 per month for new subscribers, which is just a few dollars more than the $7 offer. They’re both great deals, and you might opt for the cheaper plan, but it’s still worth noting! There is no Disney Plus free trial, so this discounted offer is one of the best ways to give the service a try before spending a big chunk of change.

Back to the deal at hand, by grabbing this three-month offer you can get all caught up on the available shows, including The Mandalorian Season 3 the newest season of the show coming soon, along with a host of other great content coming to Disney Plus this month. Normally $8 ($7.99) per month, this deal saves you $1 per month for $3 total, letting you subscribe for up to three months at just $7 per month. You won’t be locked out of accessing any content, and Disney Plus does not currently feature advertisements, so you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies and shows in all their glory — in both HD and 4K UHD with Dolby Atmos where applicable. You can also stream on up to four devices simultaneously so your whole family can be watching at once. Hurry though, this deal expires soon, very soon — Monday, March 6th.

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