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This temperature-controlled espresso mug is the proper Valentine’s Day present

A black Ember Smart Mug 2 on a countertop.

Let this be your warning: Valentine’s Day is coming! Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect gift for you to get your beloved already picked out — at a thrifty price — that you can order and have delivered to your home in time for the big day. It’s the Ember Mug 2, a smart mug that will keep your lover’s morning beverage as warm as their heart. The Ember Mug 2 is typically $150, but as part of Valentine’s Day deals you can get yours at a special sale price of $125 today, which is $25 down. Best Buy, who is offering the deal, is offering free 2-day shipping, so order now to make sure you have it before Valentine’s Day arrives.

Why you should buy the Ember Mug 2

There used to be a time where drinking your morning coffee was something that happened entirely before work, perhaps in a rush but just as likely in a leisurely manner as you awoke and read the news. Then, coffee became something that was made to go, placed in quickly cooling disposable cups to be quaffed quickly in the spare moments of our commutes. Now, with remote work being so popular, we’re seeing the rise of a new coffee meta altogether: The all-day morning coffee. The leisurely sips of the morning drag over into the seamless transition to the work-from-home workday. But as we get busy, our coffee stays out longer, and becomes cold.

That’s why the Ember Mug 2 is so cool. It keeps your coffee hot through its own internal heating system. What’s particularly cool is that you can chose the particular temperature you want (from 120 to 145-degrees Fahrenheit) so your coffee is always at the perfect temperature. No blowing and waiting for it to cool down, no disappointment when you get distracted and wait too long. It’s always just right. The battery life lasts for 80-minutes on its own, but you can also rest the mug on its charging coaster to keep that time up throughout the day. The mug connects with the Ember app, which allows extras like notifications when your coffee is at your ‘just right’ temperature.

Show your partner the full warmth of your heart by ordering an Ember Mug 2 today. You’ll get 2-day free shipping from Best Buy and $25 off. Remember, the usual price for the Ember Mug 2 is $150, so while this deal lasts you’ll be getting your partner’s for just $125. Oh, and don’t blunder while you’re ahead — pick up some K cups for your Keurig coffee maker while you’re at it, so you can enjoy everything right away.

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