Monitor your pets with 24/7 GPS monitoring with the LTE-enabled Whistle Change

Almost every pet owner has felt that moment of stomach-dropping panic when you can’t find your pet. The Whistle Switch Smart Collar offers 24/7 GPS location tracking to ensure this never happens again; you will always know where your pet is, even if you’re out hiking and Fido decides to take a more roundabout path to where he’s going.

In addition to location tracking, the Whistle Switch Smart Collar provides a host of other information related to your pet — like how much they are scratching, how much they drink each day, how often they’re licking, and even how well they sleep. Think of it as a full-body fitness tracker for your four-legged friend. Catching health problems early can help you get ahead of them and treat the issue before it becomes something much more serious.

You can even set fitness goals for your pets, a particularly useful trait for those that are a little too fond of spending the day on the couch. The goals can be set based on the breed, age, and weight of your pooch.

Whistle Switch Smart Collar worn by puppy whose female owner is giving it a kiss.

The Whistle Switch Smart Collar will alert you when your dog leaves a designated area. This means they can’t wander out of the yard without your knowledge. At the end of the day, you can review a 24-hour timeline to see where your dog went, how long they stayed there, and potentially even who they were with.

On top of all of these features, Whistle will provide access to a vet through the Whistle app for a limited amount of time.

Pet owners are always happy to take the extra step to care of their pets. The Whistle Switch Smart Collar gives you in-depth information about your pet’s location that updates every 15 seconds and allows you to locate them anywhere in the United States. It works through AT&T’s cellular network and in conjunction with Google Maps to ensure that if you and Fido are ever separated, you’ll be able to find him again fast. Just know that you’ll have to subscribe to a Whistle Go Explore Plan, which starts at $13 per month.

The Whistle Switch Smart Collar fits dogs as small as 5 pounds and includes a one-year limited warranty, as well as free shipping. While it isn’t yet available, it will soon launch for $200.

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