Up to date Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus renders exhibit the brand new digital camera module

We were treated to our first look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus just over a month ago, when leaked schematics were turned into 3D renders by leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer and 91Mobiles. However, there were some questions about the camera module in those renders — specifically concerning how messily the lenses were laid out. Now, Hemmerstoffer has released a new image that shows the S11 Plus’s rear camera module in greater detail.

Delivered via Hemmerstoffer’s well known @OnLeaks Twitter account, the image shows a close-up of what is claimed to be from the S11 Plus’s final prototype. It consists of three lenses on the left side of the rectangular module, and a single lens and flash unit on the right side. The left-hand side of the module matches earlier leaks from Ice Universe, which showed just one side of the phone’s module.

Credit: @OnLeaks

It is expected that the three lenses on the left side will include a monstrous 108-megapixel lens, which will use “pixel-binning” — a process that will combine nine pixels into one for much greater performance in low light. Also expected is an ultra-wide-angle lens, and the long-awaited periscope 5x telephoto zoom lens. The periscope lens is found at the bottom of the module, given away by its distinctive square opening. A periscope lens runs along the phone’s body to give the longer zoom lens the room it needs to operate and uses a periscope to redirect light into it.

Those three lenses are likely to be the stars of the show — but if the Galaxy S11 Plus is going to dislodge the best camera phones, it’s going to need the help of the time-of-flight lens rumored to be on the right-hand side of the module. A time-of-flight sensor uses lasers to accurately measure 3D space, allowing a phone to simulate background blur more effectively. We’re seeing more of these sensors appear on flagship phones, and it’s clear Samsung’s going to have to include one if it wants to keep up with the increasingly advanced cameras on the market.

Also included is a flash unit — which, considering the strength of night mode photography on flagship phones these days — is looking more and more likely to be consigned to flashlight duty for most of your phone’s lifetime. Still, it’s extremely useful to have in that context, and we certainly wouldn’t want the humble flash to go the way of the headphone jack. Though now we’ve said it, it seems inevitable.

With a release date expected in February, don’t expect the deluge of Samsung Galaxy S11 leaks to stop any time soon. We’ll update you as soon as we hear more news.

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