Watts batteries are like supersized Legos that energy your own home

WATTS Battery Promo

It is 2017 and you can run your house on a battery if you want to. Not just any old battery, of course. Alas, no matter how many Duracell bunnies you line up, you are unlikely to be able to get the electricity you need for your entire household. But if you pre-order a Watts, you may be on the right track. Similar to Tesla’s Powerwall, the Watts is an enormous battery heralded as a personal power cell. The company notes on its website that you can create a “personal power plant from any available power source” with Watts. Simply connect the socket, push the ‘on’ button, and start generating the power you need to run your home.

The stackable units can be combined in various numbers depending on how much power you need to impart. If you are only trying to power a computer or a refrigerator, you just need one Watts cell. But if you are looking to run more of your household off of battery power, you can get a few cells, put them together, and provide enough energy to get your TVs and electric washers going.

As for the batteries themselves, they get their juice either from the sun (the batteries have solar panels) or from the grid itself. However, if you use an alternative source of energy, Watts promises it will give extra back to traditional power grids.

Each Watts module comes complete with all necessary components of a power supply system and do not require customers to buy any additional bells or whistles. The modular system also promises to be maintenance-free, extremely easy to use, and able to simply be plugged in for you to play. As it stands, the lifetime of Watts is said to be more than 10 years.

Of course, the battery comes with a mobile app that allows you to fully control your power supply system, check out up-to-date statistics about the work of all the elements on your personal power grid, and more.

You can pre-order the Watts now for $3,000 and production is slated to begin this August.

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