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Why you need to buy LG’s Cordless Vacuum while it’s $300 off

An LG CordZero placed against a wall in its docking station and next to a plant.

This content was produced in partnership with LG.

It might not seem like the most exciting thing to spend a lot of money on but honestly, investing in a great vacuum cleaner makes a ton of difference. After all, whether you like it or not, we all have to regularly clean up our homes, right? Break it down to how frequently you pull out your vacuum cleaner (and triple it if you have young children) and you’ll realize you spend a surprising amount of time around that gadget that you almost certainly grudgingly spend money on. The LG CordZero All-in-One Cordless Stick Vacuum is going to remind you why spending more is almost always worth it. It simplifies your life, making vacuuming so much easier than before. Sure, you may still never look forward to the process but when it’s this simple and straightforward, it’ll definitely take up less time once you pick up the LG CordZero. It’s currently on sale at $300 off at LG bringing it down to $699 with promo code LGVac. That’s still a lot for a cordless vacuum but it’s a price you’ll be willing to pay once you consider it as a valuable investment.

It’s the first stick vacuum that is able to charge, store all your tools, and even automatically empty its own dust bin, all from one very sleek docking station. The docking station has that futuristic vibe that’s going to look great in your home without stealing too much focus or taking up too much room. Because it empties its own dustbin, you don’t have the hassle of doing it yourself or those inevitable times when you forget all about it until you go to clean up at a later date. After all, it’s those little chores that soon add up to infuriate and put you off doing the right thing.

The best part? Well, your hands stay cleaner but we were planning on focusing on how you get better suction with an empty dust bin so you’re always good to go at maximum power when vacuuming. The LG CordZero is already impressively powerful too. It has LG’s best motor at hand — the Smart Inverter Motor. That means it can easily cope with everything you need it for. That includes carpet, hard floors, tiles, and anything else that needs cleaning up. A five-step filtration keeps the dust away.

To help you clean up more efficiently, there’s also a Power Mop attachment that uses regular tap water to spruce up your hard floors and tiles. You can control the moisture depending on how stubborn the stains are with dual spinning microfiber pads doing the literal dirty work for you. And remember — that attachment easily stores on the docking station to beat all docking stations. There’s room to keep up to six tools here, nicely hidden away.

As you’d expect from a good vacuum cleaner, the LG CordZero can also deal with all those pesky areas. It can be transformed into a handheld vacuum if you need to clean up a surface. It also has an adjustable telescopic wand for awkward high-up areas (because not everyone is as tall as they’d like to be!), and it has a crevice tool for narrow spaces or edges. A 2-in-1 combination tool also helps you switch between a brush or hard nozzle so you can use it for upholstery as well as the ground.

The LG CordZero also deals with a very common issue that occurs with other vacuum cleaners — maintenance. Unlike other vacuums that only let you wash the filter, the LG CordZero makes it possible to clean the cycle system as well so dirt doesn’t clog up. It’s things like this that really make it a terrific investment as it’s going to last you a long time to come.

All sounds pretty cool, right? We really love how effortless the LG CordZero can be but our tech-loving brain has one extra thing that makes it special — the LG ThinQ app. You may have already used this app with other LG products like its TV range, but when paired up with the LG CordZero, it borderline gamifies cleaning. That’s because the app offers cleaning history stats. you can see how much you’ve used it throughout the month when you’ve needed to use turbo mode, and so forth. What we love here is that you can be competitive with yourself. Know you’ve been a little lazy with cleaning this month? Work to beat that total for next month. It’s oddly compelling. Alongside that, you can also use the app to run diagnostics to keep your now beloved vacuum cleaner in fantastic condition.

No one would normally say they love their vacuum cleaner but we think you’re genuinely going to love the LG CordZero. So much more than just a regular stick vacuum, it’s a true time saver from how it empties the bin itself to how easily it sucks up dirt and debris without an issue. Don’t blame us if you end up treating the cleaning history like your own personal leaderboard either. It’s available right now at LG for $699, normally $999, so there’s a big $300 in savings to be enjoyed. Use promo code LGVac at checkout to nab that deal.

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