With Registry by Havenly, your want listing comes with a bit of skilled assist

registry by havenly 5

Why make weddings the only occasion worthy of a registry? After all, isn’t it always the right time to receive gifts? Colorado-based interior design Havenly certainly abides by this mentality, and has now introduced Registry by Havenly, heralded as “the first of its kind registry to pair you with a professional interior designer, providing the most personalized registry service available.” Thanks to Registry, you can take advantage of a platform where all gifts are curated especially for your unique aesthetic and needs, helping you bring your vision for your home to life.

Whether you’re throwing a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a back-to-the-grind shower (no really, you can have a shower and a registry for any occasion), Havenly wants to help. The three-year-old company has already helped thousands of customers decorate their homes, but now, the team wants to add even more value to its offerings.

“The experience blends everything you already love about Havenly into a meaningful registry,” Haven CEO Lee Mayer wrote in a blog post announcement. “We take the time to get to know your style and needs, you pick from our curated favorites, shop parts of our catalog, work with one of our professional designers (for free) to find incredible products, and then add everything to a beautiful and customizable website to share with your friends and family.”

That means that your registry is filled with exactly what you need for your precise dream home — nothing more, nothing less. And while other registries may offer you endless lists of products, Havenly wants to avoid the panic that can often accompany the paradox of choice, and instead pair you with a professional interior designer who can help you narrow down what you need. Registry by Havenly also promises the largest number of home furnishing vendors, with products available (for your interior designer partner to parse through) from across more than 300 vendors.

And perhaps most importantly, Havenly points out that its registry was designed to be used for any occasion, so you don’t have to worry about fitting into a specific theme or life event. Because really, it’s always time to redecorate.

So if you’ve been looking to do some spring cleaning or a summer makeover, Havenly may just be the place to start.