You can get an Apple TV for $59 for Cyber Monday if you’re quick

An Apple TV 4K sits on a media stand.

If you don’t mind buying older tech, we’ve found one of the best Cyber Monday deals for streaming fans. Right now, you can buy the Apple TV HD 32GB for just $59 at Walmart. Usually priced at $99, you save $40 which makes this older streaming device super tempting. While it’s not a great bet for anyone with a 4K TV, it’s ideal for adding to other setups. Super cheap, we’re not counting on this deal sticking around for long, so here’s a quick look at why it’s worth it.

Why you should buy the Apple TV HD 32GB

The Apple TV range often features among the best streaming devices thanks to being so versatile and easy to use. Apple TV is great tech for both anyone who knows what they’re doing and more inexperienced members of your household. In the case of the Apple TV HD 32GB, you can use it to stream 1080p HD high-quality video via a multitude of streaming apps including your favorites, as well as by renting shows and movies through Apple’s online service.

The device offers Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound support along with private listening options if you own AirPods, so it’s still fairly competent stuff. The Apple A8 chip may be aging but if you want to play simple games via Apple Arcade, you can without a problem. It also comes with a Siri remote that has a touch-enabled clickpad plus voice controls so you can get a lot done with either your voice or a touch of a button. Smart home users will also be delighted to get a live view of their HomeKit-enabled cameras via the Apple TV HD 32GB too.

The Apple TV HD 32GB may be older than other Apple TVs but it’s an ideal starter device for delving into the Apple TV world. Well suited for hooking up to your kitchen TV or a TV in your kid’s bedroom, the Apple TV HD 32GB offers many of the benefits of newer models, providing you don’t need 4K resolution.

Normally priced at $99, the Apple TV HD 32GB is down to $59 for a limited time only at Walmart. An unmissable deal for many, buy it now before the deal ends and stock runs out.

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