Now you can financial institution along with your voice due to American Categorical’ new Alexa talent


Keeping tabs on your spending habits is onerous in and of itself (because who wants to know how much they spent on that outfit they just had to have or that extra dessert they just couldn’t pass up). But now that you can check yourself using just your voice, basic financial responsibility is more feasible than ever. Last week, American Express launched its new Amex skill for Amazon Alexa, bringing “select experiences of and the Amex mobile app to Alexa.”

If you’re an OPEN Card Member with an American Express ID and password, you can now link your online Amex account to the skill, allowing you to check your account balance, review recent charges, make a payment, and more through voice commands.

“We first introduced a partnership with Amazon in 2010 that enabled our Card Members to use Membership Rewards for purchases on,” said Luke Gebb, senior vice president, Enterprise Digital, American Express. “Today, we’re bringing another element of the Card Member experience to Amazon with the introduction of the Amex skill for Alexa. Our Card Members are redefining how they engage with our brand across the digital platforms of their choice, and we want them to have great experiences wherever they are.”

The new skill also syncs with the Amex Offers ecosystem, which allows card holders to browse exclusive offers and deals and add them to eligible cards. Amex notes that this makes it the first financial services skill to include a benefit like Amex Offers in its Alexa offerings.

“We’re excited that the American Express skill is coming to Alexa,” said Rob Pulciani, Director, Amazon Alexa. “American Express is known for innovating on behalf of customers and providing top-notch service, values we share at Amazon. With the Amex skill for Alexa, Card Members are just a question away from getting account information, offers, and more.”

To set up the new Amex skill, head over to “Skills” in the Alexa app, and search “Amex.” Enable the skill and log into your American Express online account using your User ID and password, then create a 4-digit PIN (which you’ll need to say every time in order to open up the Amex skill). From there, treat Amex as you would any other skill, saying things like “Alexa, open Amex,” and then asking your virtual assistant to make a payment or check your current balance.

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